“The greatest project you'll ever work on is you!”

I'm a passionate, curious and hard-working. Believes in team & idea and make it happen.

In college, My friend and I missed few events that we were interested in. We like attending tech meetups/events and meeting people. So we have decided to solve that problem by building an application where people/student can explore events by interest and location. We have built it as our college project.

After college, I have started my career at CoStrategix Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Java Developer in Bangalore. I have worked on multiple projects on variety of domain with culturally diverse, passionate and hard working team. It's one of the best team I have ever worked with. We were playing carrom board at office till late night with our set of rules to make it even more challenging & celebrating deployments.

Then I joined Big Data analytics startup named FORMCEPT where I have worked with Big Data stack and Clojure language.

And one day I took the plunge and started new journey of entrepreneurship.
We started to build app named Grinions to simplify group payment where you can pay/collect money from your friends for party/dinner/rent/trip.
We were eagerly waiting for the launch of UPI(Unified Payment interface). After analyzing UPI and it's applications we come up with a different idea where the user can send/request money directly from another user in the simplest way.(peer to peer payment)
It was like Venmo of India with UPI integration. But things didn't work as planned and we closed the project.

Currently, I'm working on a product named Twiza where two users can write one line each and create a beautiful story. I developed Android app, Web app and Backend.

First user writes first line and some random user will add second line which completes the story. When second user completes the story, it may give new meaning to the story and surprise first user with an exciting story.
Ultimately, both users will end up with an amazing story which might be impossible to create individually.
That's the beauty of Twiza.

With every new story, user will make a new connection.
User can explore and share nicely crafted stories with their friends.

While achieving different milestones user gets rewarded with badges, reputation points and based on that leaderboard get published. It motivates users to connect with more users and contribute more on Twiza community.

In Short, Two users, Two lines, One Story.

Twiza even got selected in Facebook FbStart bootstrap track program and Microsoft BizSpark.

Following are few stories from Twiza users,

Explore more stories at https://twizaapp.com/explore
Or Write your own story with people around the world by downloading Twiza at https://twizaapp.com/download

Apart from this, I love photography, reading and traveling. Wherever I go, I always search for the view to click my best shot. I also like to play with Raspberry PI and some sensors where my code can interact with the physical world.

I can be contacted directly at me@piyush.be or piyush@twizaapp.com.


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