Do you love Creativity?

Everyone loves creativity, right?
People appreciate and share creative works.
Do you want to make creative stuff that people love?

Many people think that they are not creative but the reality is everyone have creativity but they don't use it or don't know how to use it. They just need right platform or guidance.

For example,
If you check Instagram, you will see everyone is posting beautiful photographs. Most of them are not the professional photographer. Instagram provides the platform to explore and make your photos looks like professional one using filters.

Now you might have been thinking what I'm talking about?

I have started building platform where people can write creative stuff together.

You might be thinking, I'm not a writer or I don't have creative writing skill. Remember What I told you, All you need is right platform or guidance and you can do anything. You don't need to be a writer to write creative stuff. Anyway, you may become writer one day. :P

So how it works?
It's simple.
All you need to do is write few words on any topic and publish. It's fine if it's not the complete sentence or not making any sense. Actually, it's good.

We will ask other users to add few words on the story you have started. Now your story is completed and it might have got a new turn and new meaning that you might have never thought. Congrats, you have created your first story and you have made a new friend too. That's the beauty of Twiza.
Click here to watch video How it works?.

Yes, Twiza the platform where two users connect and create a beautiful story.

Following are the few stories created by Twiza users.

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Come and write something creative with people around the world and make new friends.

If you have any feedback or suggesions, contact me at me@piyush.be or hello@twizaapp.com.


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